Ten Traits I Look For in a Romantic Interest - not traits actually..^^

Just a brief story about my list.

I did this last year as part of our True Love Waits-like seminar with the girls from my church. Before that, I had never had any standards in particular. I hadn't even considered him being a Christian, thinking that I could lead him to believe what I believe. It didn't work. Well, since that list came up, I've been pretty blessed in so many ways, aside from already knowing who that special person is.:devilishgrin:

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*Loves God more than he loves me - that's because if he truly loves God and if he believes that I'm the one given to him, he'll never leave me. :okay:

*In good terms with my whole family - he must at least get the favor of the whole household, including my dog!^^

*My best friend - they say it's better to have a friend than a lover by your side. Ha!

*Trusts me as I trust him - too bad I have trust issues, he must understand that, right?

*Leads me closer to God (above all else), my family and friends - in other words, unselfish, not keeping me to himself.^^

*Respectful of his family, especially of his parents and the women in his life, because that's how he will treat me in the future.

*Not intelligent, but wise - instead of relying on his own knowledge and understanding, he seeks God's will first and follows it accordingly.

*Works hard to provide for our needs - :please:

*Teachable - that as we go through life, we will learn life's lessons hand in hand.

*Future-oriented - with that I mean that he considers me his future wife.:blush:

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  1. Marice Says:

    u indeed find your true love :)