Sepia Scene Wednesday - Perfect.

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Sepia Scene Wednesday...

yeah yeah, it's that same old mush thing..

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Ten Things I Hate About Traveling

  1. Maps with useless directions
  2. My luggage! Where's my luggage?
  3. Expensive everything
  4. Place names
  5. People staring like I'm an alien
  6. Having to ask for directions when I've finally admitted that I can't figure out where I am
  7. Beds (and bedrooms)
  8. Transportation
  9. Food (sometimes)
  10. Unfamiliar feeling

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Give Me Five Monday

Give Me Five Places in the World You'd Like to Live for a Year
  1. Korea
  2. New Zealand
  3. Japan
  4. Spain
  5. Palau

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Sunday Stealing..

Sunday Stealing: The Ellie Bellie Meme

what are your most common nicknames?
*cice, cly, cicely

what is today's weather?

where did go on vacation this year?
*home? ^^

what did you do there?
*sleep.. ha!

where did you stay?
*my room most of the time..

what job do you do?
*please don't ask me that.:tsk:

describe where you live.
*a small town where everybody sort of knows each other..

what do you usually do on weekends?
*go to church

what food hits your 'bliss spot'?

what drink really does it for you?
*raspberry lemonade

describe the first friend that comes to your head.
*has dark circles under her eyes, :please:

what was the last restaurant you went to?
*maybe Mang Inasal

where would you like to live if you had unlimited moneys and nothing stopping your dreams?
*new zealand

what is the likeliness of you achieving this dream home?
*right now? 0%

what do you like to do in your spare time?

what's your favorite genre for TV programs?
*reality shows

what's your favorite genre for music?

what's your favorite song that's sad?

what's your favorite soppy film?
*city of angels.. (why do i like angels these days?)

how about your favorite chick flick?
*i think i don't have one..

what are you looking forward to at the moment?
*my two cell groups later. oh n0o0o..!

what are you dreading at the moment?
*my two cell groups again..

how would you describe your personality?

if you had a personality eraser, what part of yours might you erase?
*those that annoy other people

you are given $5000 to spend in 1 day, what do you do with it? remember, no limitations!
*buy clothes!^^

what is your biggest fear?

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Unconscious Mutterings..

  1. Spinning :: merry-go-round

  2. Impasse :: stuck

  3. Gravy :: chicken

  4. You are :: happy

  5. September :: birthday

  6. Divulge :: secret

  7. Training :: jogging pants

  8. Crap! :: trash

  9. Results :: exams

  10. Shutting down :: computer

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Six Word Saturday

Great I Passed The Second Stage!

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Thursday Thunks

1. Have you ever played Bullshit?
*No, what's that? LOL

2. A dog licks you on your face. Are you disgusted or thinking it was sweet?
*If that was my dog, I'd think it was sweet.^^

3. Tell us about a fun/special memory you have of a grandparent.
*Ah! This happened when my brother was around four years old. My grandmother was playing with him, carrying him in her arms, when accidentally, my brother touched my grandma's neck. He blurted out, "Nay (tagalog for mother), it feels like the neck of a chicken.":inis:

4. Have you ever pet a rat?
*Please. No.

5. If I walked into your kitchen, where are the cups?
*On the shelves.

6. Since you already let me in your home, I found the cup and had water, now where's the bathroom from the kitchen?
*Take 10 steps backwards, on your right.^^

7. Have you ever pet a turtle or tortoise?
*Not yet. Maybe someday.

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Sepia Scene Wednesday...

in church with my cell group members..

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Ten Traits I Look For in a Romantic Interest - not traits actually..^^

Just a brief story about my list.

I did this last year as part of our True Love Waits-like seminar with the girls from my church. Before that, I had never had any standards in particular. I hadn't even considered him being a Christian, thinking that I could lead him to believe what I believe. It didn't work. Well, since that list came up, I've been pretty blessed in so many ways, aside from already knowing who that special person is.:devilishgrin:

Check out my other blog.

*Loves God more than he loves me - that's because if he truly loves God and if he believes that I'm the one given to him, he'll never leave me. :okay:

*In good terms with my whole family - he must at least get the favor of the whole household, including my dog!^^

*My best friend - they say it's better to have a friend than a lover by your side. Ha!

*Trusts me as I trust him - too bad I have trust issues, he must understand that, right?

*Leads me closer to God (above all else), my family and friends - in other words, unselfish, not keeping me to himself.^^

*Respectful of his family, especially of his parents and the women in his life, because that's how he will treat me in the future.

*Not intelligent, but wise - instead of relying on his own knowledge and understanding, he seeks God's will first and follows it accordingly.

*Works hard to provide for our needs - :please:

*Teachable - that as we go through life, we will learn life's lessons hand in hand.

*Future-oriented - with that I mean that he considers me his future wife.:blush:

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Monday Crazy Questions - Jeez, it's Tuesday!

1. The new sports season is about to you love it or hate it?
*Couldn't care less..

2. What's your favorite of the sports and what team?
*Err.. sports.. I don't like sports..

3. Do you get snow where you live? Do you love it or hate it?
*Noooo! But I would love to see snow falling.. T.T

4. You got stopped by a cop who tells you were speeding. Do you explain some made up story as to why you were speeding or deny it and try to get out of it?
*I'd say I was having an asthma attack and I need to get my Ventolin quick!

5. You just had a fight with the person you are closest to. Do you not speak to them until they apologize...or do you apologize first?
*I'll take the initiative. I do that all the time.^^

6. What do you love about this time of year?
*Holidays! (The Philippines has one too many holidays in a year!)

7. Your doctors says you need more exercise....what do you take up for exercise?

8. If you could travel in time...where in time would you go? Why?
*Back when my grandma was still young. I'd like to know how she was raised up..

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"Jodi's Meme: My Life According to LIFEHOUSE"

-Are you a male or female?
Am I Ever Gonna Find Out?

-Describe yourself
Only One

-How do you feel right now?
Out of Breath

-If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

-Your favorite form of transportation
Sick Cycle Carousel

-Describe Your Morning Routine

-Your best friend is

-What's the weather like

-Pet Peeve?

-If your life was a TV show, what would it be called
Cling and Clatter

-Your relationship
Somewhere in Between

-Your Fear
Empty Space

-What is the best advice you have to give?

-If you could change your name, you would change it to
My Precious

-What do you say when you are frustrated?
God is My Refuge

-Thought for the day
Somebody Else's Song

-How you would like to die
Sky is Falling

-Your soul's present condition

-Your motto
Take Me Higher

Oh, I love this meme!

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Unconscious Mutterings..

  1. Disguised :: mask

  2. Big wheel :: truck

  3. Irritating :: allergy

  4. Care :: baby powder (HA!)

  5. Grandpa :: gray hair

  6. Shooting :: gun

  7. Sunglasses :: summer

  8. Stampede :: accelerator pedal (i don't know why..)

  9. Painstakingly :: sweepstakes

  10. Terrible position :: sweating (what?!)

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Saturday 9

1. When's the last time you ran?
*that's a very difficult question! hmm.. :ha?:

2. Do your jeans have rips, tears, and holes in them?
*no, but my skirts do, intentionally..^^

3. What are you dreading right now?
*cockroaches, as always.. and hmm.. tomorrow's get-together..:tsk:

4. Do you like Mexican food?
*tacos, burritos and nachos only..

5. Favorite ice cream?
*coffee (with choco chips) and vanilla.. ooh, i like ministop's chocolate sundae..:inis:

6. When was your last doctor's visit?
*another difficult question.. hmm.. last year, around may? wow, it was THAT long??

7. Do you get the full 8 hours of sleep a night?
*of course not, and when i do, it's morning already! ha!

8. How many pets do you have?
*one, and i just love her..

9. "First Loves Are Never Over;" is this true for you?
*no.. it gets over once you get to fulfill it and realize it's not worth it in the end..:ahaha:

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Friday Fill-ins

1. I remember, I remember that I have to finish my article rewrites soon or else..

2. Dear God, I want you to know that even though the both of us know how bad I've been the other day, You still continue to bless me, and I thank You for that!

3. Is that my chopper coming!!???

4. I'm trying to resist the temptation of visiting my farm in Farmville. LOL!

5. I'm saving a chunk of my time just for you!

6. If I made a birthday list, a trip to the salon would definitely be on it!!!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going to Lifehouse, tomorrow my plans include attending post-RDSR lessons and preparing juice at Xchange the whole night and Sunday, I want to meet my cell, and I mean all of them!

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Poetry Play Thursday - Time

Time fails
to sustain its claims;
It carries its pains.

Time betrays
its promise of days;
It goes on its ways.

Time forgets
a future of rest;
It just leaves regret.

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Thursday Thunks

Thursday Thunks - stupid questions that you love to answer

1. Your thoughts on hunting?
*what a pity! those wild animals are really cute (and did i mention endangered?). shouldn't we be taking care of them?:ha?:

2. Swine Flu vaccine... will you get it?
*nope! even when my father deliberately scheduled my appointment with the health center. ha! i was able to escape!

3. What is one job/profession that you think there are just too many of?
*traffic enforcers - do they really enforce good traffic? or just make it worse? (that's the situation in my part of the globe..^^)

4. I want to go on a diet, what advice will you offer me?
*hmm..don't eat dinner.^^

5. You are going out on a date with someone for the very first time. When you get into their car, you see a box of condoms on the floor. What do you do?
*pretend that i didn't see anything (then throw out the box when he's not looking).. jeez..

6. Name something in your bathroom that shouldn't be there.
*this took me a while.. ah! a couple of figurines my grandmother really likes. she's got tons of them all over the house.:ahaha:

7. What was your Kindergarten teacher like?
*i didn't go to kindergarten.. haha!

8. What kind of oil do you use when you cook?
*i don't know. i don't cook..^o^

9. If someone takes an unflattering picture of you and posts it online, do you beg them to take it down or do you laugh at yourself with everyone else?
*just laugh at it. i have worse pictures than that!

10. What brand of dishwashing soap do you use?

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Sepia Scene Wednesday...

I just love this shot. Two pairs of feet under the table, waiting for who knows what.
It's his school day; it's my rest day.
How cheesy can I get?! :sweaty:

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New Blog Yet Again!

These memes just make me go crazy, so I decided to use a separate blog for all those other thingies I do everyday. Not that I won't post my memes in my other blogs anymore.

This blog is just dedicated for the memes, mind you..:eheh:

from: finders keepers

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